Blüthner Pianos

Blüthner Pianos has been a family run business for over one-hundred and sixty years; producing instruments of high-regard which have been used by some of the best musicians the world has ever known.

Blüthner has always strived to create innovative designs which explore the mechanics of tone and the allure of exquisite beauty. Years of experience has meant that Blüthner has been able to develop of a range of impressive pianos that offer the quality you need in a performance environment while managing to add a sophisticated focal point to your home.

When selecting a new instrument, we know there’s nothing better than inspecting and playing it for yourself, only then can you be honestly sure you’re making the right choice.

We house a selection of Blüthner pianos for sale in our Swansea showroom, which means you can take advantage of our expert advice and see for yourself how these German pianos compare to other leading European-built pianos.