Sauter Pianos

Sauter was founded by Johann Grimm in Spaichingen, a small town in south-west Germany that blends Swabian and Black Forest culture.

Johann Grimm was a carpenter’s apprentice who was attracted by the rich culture of the area he lived, particularly the musical culture. This interest led him to travel to Vienna where he studied piano building.

Similarly, the founder of Coach House Pianos, Nick Rusling, began his own career in furniture, working as a French polisher before honing his skills on pianos under the tutelage of his uncle, who owned and ran the Bristol Piano Company.

Coach House Pianos has a real affinity with Sauter, both having flourished as family businesses with a passion for pianos and craftsmanship, and a standard of excellence.

100% German-Made

How Sauter began…


Johann Grimm was fortunate to study piano making with Johann Andreas Streicher and his wife, Nanette, in the capital of music at that time: Vienna, Austria.

The Streicher couple were close friends with Beethoven (who bought many instruments from them).

Streicher was the piano teacher for Mozart’s son and Nanette ran Beethoven’s household for many years, in which Beethoven sought her advice and assistance in household and educational matters after he was granted custody of his nephew Karl.

Grimm studied under Streicher and his wife for six years, learning all about the exacting requirements of the highest-level pianists, in order to build the best standard of piano.

Sauter's First Workshops

The legacy continues…


Grimm’s successor was his nephew Carl Sauter, who developed the original workshops into a factory that employed dozens of apprentices in 1846, and Sauter quickly became known among the leading piano manufacturers in Swabia.

The business was later carried forward by Johann Sauter when he was just 17 years old, following his father’s death.

Johann Sauter travelled extensively as part of his work and brought back with him many new ideas and innovations for the business. As a result, a number of Sauter inventions and technical improvements have been granted international patents.

Carl Sauter I

Carl Sauter I

Sauter today…


Several generations and many developments later (such as the double repetition action for which they are so well known), Sauter pianos are exported worldwide, universally regarded as being premium instruments and internationally recognised for their very high quality.

Sauter remains a family business at heart, with family members holding key positions and upholding the brands rich heritage.

All Sauter pianos are built 100% in Germany to this day.

We are honoured to be the UK’s exclusive supplier of Sauter Pianos


Manufacturing both upright and grand pianos known for their superb sound, with stunning tonal dimensions, Sauter offer the following ranges: Classic Line, MasterClass and the Peter Maly Designer Collection.

When Sauter was looking for a reliable partnership in the UK to showcase their stunning range, they chose Coach House Pianos for our high level of customer service and passion for quality instruments.

We would love you to come and see and hear for yourself the unique qualities of these instruments at our showrooms, as you consider purchasing a Sauter upright or grand piano.

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