Yamaha Pianos

Yamaha pianos are found in many of the world’s recording studios, music institutions and of course the homes of many musicians! Complete your home in style (and quality) by purchasing a Yamaha piano online from Coach House Pianos today!

As a select Yamaha Premium Dealer, Coach House Pianos are able to offer the best Yamaha piano prices in the UK on both new and used Yamaha pianos, and the Yamaha Clavinova digital pianos!

please read the information below which offers you knowledge that will ensure that the yamaha piano you purchase will exceed your expectations and surpass your requirements

New Yamaha Pianos

Yamaha Pianos

At Coach House Pianos, we have a large selection of new Yamaha pianos on display in our UK and Caribbean Yamaha Piano Showrooms, always including the very popular models like the Yamaha U1, U3 and GB1. Every Yamaha piano, whether it be a new upright or grand piano, is meticulously checked and prepared by our highly experienced technicians.

We offer you the opportunity to spend time with our technicians to ensure that your piano is toned (voiced) to suit your exact requirements – all our technicians are willing to carry this out on any of our instruments prior to purchase. It is important to note that the environment in which the piano is located in our showrooms will be different to that of your home, hence we at Coach House Pianos offer you the highest quality after service to ensure that your piano is always at its optimum and will provide you with many years of satisfaction.

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Yamaha Clavinova Digital Pianos

Yamaha Pianos

The internationally famous Yamaha Clavinova is now the leading choice of digital piano worldwide! The reason behind this is that the Clavinova range integrates all elements of a 'real' acoustic Yamaha piano into a modern digital product! At Coach House Pianos you can be sure to find yourself the best Clavinova price in the UK along with an excellent after-sales care and customer support team.

As the Yamaha Clavinova and keyboard range has continued to expand, you may find it difficult to decide which electric piano will suit your requirements in the best way – our helpful sales advisors will gladly assist you in discussing the benefits and the differences between each model. Call 01792 584 584.

Used Yamaha Pianos

Used Yamaha Pianos

With Yamaha's commitment to quality, it is a well recognised fact that a Yamaha piano will last for decades! However, after many years of use, these Yamaha pianos often receive refurbishment to the action and also the casework. Whilst there may be no problem in overhauling a musical instrument, it is imperative that this is carried out in an authentic manner. Many of the used Yamaha pianos supplied in the UK today have been refurbished in Far Eastern countries such as Vietnam, China etc and do NOT use original, certified Yamaha parts! This is a very important consideration for you to take prior to the purchase of a used piano as you could end-up owning an instrument with the name YAMAHA on the front and indeed inferior parts internally! At Coach House Pianos, our decades of experience in the piano trade has enabled us to source used Yamaha pianos from reliable locations that only refurbish and overhaul pianos in the correct traditional methods. Every used Yamaha piano, including both the used upright and grand pianos, include a warranty from 12 months to 5 years!

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This is a brief overview of the easily confused CLP & CVP Clavinova models!

Clavinova CLP Series

The CLP Clavinova range is designed for the home which can't house a real piano! An excellent digital piano which imitates the 'real' piano in the best form of touch and a great depth of piano voices allowing the pianist to adjust the tone of the piano according to its environment!

Clavinova CVP Series

The CVP Clavinova range is designed for you to be your own band! With an easy multi-track recording facility along with a vast range of voices of every instrument this is the ideal home or studio digital piano for producing high quality 'layered' music!

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Yamaha Pianos


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