International Piano Delivery

Moving a piano is a complicated and technical routine that, when not undertaken with sufficient care, attention, and expertise, can too easily damage the piano. If you are interested in having a piano transported, it would not, for example, be a good idea to hand the responsibility over to friends or relatives as the piano could potentially end up thoroughly damaged.

As you could easily imagine, the usual difficulties of transporting a piano can be even more chronic when the instrument is to be transported between countries. There are also legal concerns to think carefully about with international delivery; for example, are there any import fees to pay? On this page, you can read much more about what to expect with our international delivery service.

Precisely how can this international delivery service assist?

At Coach House Pianos, we have an experienced team who often prepare, package and crate pianos before exporting them to a foreign country. We can transport pianos via air travel or sea freight and you can be rest assured that however we deliver your piano, it will safely arrive at its intended destination. We also have professional and expert staff who will handle custom clearance and legal responsibilities for you.

Every single piano listed on our website is eligible for transport through our international delivery service unless otherwise stated. Our knowledge about the different kinds of wood from which acoustic pianos are made, helps ensure that they stay protected while the pianos are being moved across international borders and that the correct legal certification accompanies them.

We also know about - and are experienced in - wrapping, packing, and loading pianos ahead of their international journeys. We know that moving a piano requires a significant amount of human strength and can account for this very ably!  We also advise on import duties and help keep your piano safe from extreme humidity levels.

We know how crucial attention to detail is in the mission to keep your piano well-preserved. For instance, when a grand piano is delivered, it will have one of our special grand piano covers and a set of fitted piano "shoes". Furthermore, cases into which the cargo is wrapped and packed will be tailored depending on whether the piano will be transported by air or sea.

When the piano arrives at its destination country, we ensure there will be people who know how to handle your piano, all the way to your exact location.

Reach out to us to start benefitting

To receive an accurate but competitive quotation for an international shipping service from us at Coach House Pianos, complete our form using the link above on this page. Remember that this global delivery service can be used with any piano on offer via our website.