Why Coach House

How We Are Different

Coach House are unique in the UK as the only supplier of all the world leading piano brands, offering unbiased information and the opportunity to see, hear and experience an unparalleled selection of pianos.

  • Who We Are

    Coach House are a modern, dynamic organisation with traditional values and integrity deeply ingrained in our culture. Our commitment is to provide the highest standard of customer service, unrivalled level of stock and competitive prices – just a few factors that mark Coach House’s success over the past 30 years.

  • Who We Are Not

    1. We are not a one-man-band outfit – here today and gone tomorrow
    2. We are not a back-street outfit, hiding behind a glossy image
    3. We are not selling grey-import pianos on eBay from home
    4. We are not an online retailer who carries no stock of any goods on offer