Piano Transportation

If you have a piano that you would like moved or removed, we can help. We offer a piano transport service that is reliable, competitively-priced, and available anywhere in the UK. We have the relevant tools and expertise to transport any kind of piano quickly and safely.

It can be extremely difficult to move a piano due to its size, value, and fragility. A piano should be handled carefully. When you want to have one moved, it is not advisable to ask your friends or neighbours to shift it; this could result in serious damage to the instrument. However, at Coach House Pianos, we have movers who are trained and insured to safely transport pianos of various types.

Precise ways in which we can help

Our movers can manoeuvre a piano through the exit of any room and, in the process, prevent either the piano or property incurring damage. Whether that piano needs to be transported from a building's fourteenth floor or a basement, we can take it from there.

You also don't need to fret if you would like us to transport your piano over a lengthy distance. The piano can be placed in one of our vehicles which are each sufficiently equipped for holding a unit in place. Your piano will also benefit from a protective wrap that prevents it picking up scratches and scuffs during transit. We aim to ensure that a transported piano arrives safely and securely.

A thorough and complete service

Whether you intend for your piano to be transported only around the corner or right to the other side of the world, we can manage the whole process. That process will start with the initial consultation and go right through to the ultimate delivery of the piano to its new location.

There is a range of situations in which you might be eager for a piano to be safely transported. Maybe you are a keen pianist but currently moving to a new home where you would love to continue regularly playing your favourite piano. Alternatively, your business might have a piano that it wishes to shift to the new, larger office the firm has taken up as part of its expansion strategy.

How to start using our piano transportation service

Wherever your piano currently is in the UK, we warmly welcome you getting in touch to use our piano transportation service. To get started, please fill in the 'Book Your Piano Move' form on our website before clicking the 'Submit' button. We will contact you to present a competitive quotation. Whether your piano is an upright, grand, or digital type, rest assured that we know how to keep it safe while transporting it.