Whatever type of piano you’re searching for, from a new or used grand, to an upright, digital or hybrid model, we offer a market-leading range that encompasses the world-leading brands. With over three decades of experience, we are widely respected for providing unbiased information and impartial advice, helping players across the world to find their perfect match and realise their potential.

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Grand Pianos

The epitome of musical expression and power

Whether new or used, concert or baby, a grand piano is the ultimate statement and an unrivalled investment. Combining exquisite style and technical sophistication, these luxuriously refined instruments express tonal subtleties and musical depths like no other. The incredible control of a grand is due to the horizontal action, which allows the hammers to rapidly return after striking the string, and the open case design, which allows the sound to project further, creating greater tonal power and volume. This power is determined by the piano’s length; and at Coach House, we stock instruments of every size.

Upright Pianos

Concert quality in a compact form

Popular in homes, schools and smaller venues, uprights have a compact footprint and a space-saving vertical structure. The horizontal movement of the hammers also means they have a slightly slower action than a grand. From concert uprights to beginner pianos, we sell a range of new and used instruments. These include everything from minimal contemporary models to elegant traditional designs that are perfect for practice, composition and performance. As a rule, uprights that are120cm tall, or higher, are generally classed as professional.

Digital Pianos

Cutting-edge musicality and versatility

When it comes to playing versatility, a digital piano is beyond compare - enabling players to switch sounds at the touch of a button. Modern digital models are ideal for musicians looking to experiment with a range of musical styles, or those who wish to play traditional-sounding acoustic piano ‘silently’ through headphones. Digital pianos are also lighter, more portable than an acoustic piano, and often less expensive.

Hybrid Pianos

The best of all worlds

Hybrid models combine the unique look, tone and touch of an acoustic piano, with the practicality of a digital piano. Depending on the model you choose, you can opt to practice ‘silently’ by plugging in headphones, record and playback digital recordings at a controlled volume, layer different sounds, or programme the piano to play itself. To find more about these options, please ask one of our specialists.


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