Kemble Pianos

Kemble pianos have been in production for over a century. Each piano made by Kemble is characterised by its rich, distinctive sound which can be primarily attributed to the high quality of the wood used in the soundboard.

Kemble pianos are designed from the outset to be smooth and even. Their precision craftsmanship, which has been finely tuned by years of dedication in the pursuit of perfection, gives each piano a wonderfully unique and sophisticated finish.

Each Kemble piano pre-2009 was built in the UK by master craftsman, who were trained to mimic the rich heritage of British furniture design – a process which gave each and every Kemble its time honored, elegant façade. Following the closure of the UK factory in 2009 Yamaha moved production of Kemble pianos to one of their factories in Indonesia where all new Kemble models are built today.

When selecting a new piano – be it your first or another in a long line – we know it’s often crucial to inspect and play it for yourself. We stock a selection of Kemble pianos for sale in our Swansea showroom, which means you can take advantage of our expert knowledge and see for yourself the high-quality we have to offer.