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On a storybook street in the festival city of Bayreuth, situated half-way between Munich and Berlin, lie the Steingraeber & Sӧhne head office and workshops.

Coach House has built a solid relationship with Steingraeber & Sӧhne over the course of 20 years. We believe they are a German piano brand to take note of and are pleased to be a leading supplier of their stunning pianos.
They are steeped in history, with the head office remaining in Bayreuth, where it was founded in 1852. Steingraeber Haus is one of the few buildings in the rococo style to have been preserved largely in its original form. The splendid palace was built in 1754, which Eduard Steingraeber bought in 1871, turning it into the artistic expression of the successful piano manufacturer you see today.



Steingraeber_Factory fresh wood

“In essence, it’s very simple: Take the finest materials and the time-honoured principles of piano making and combine them all to create pianos that are truly living instruments.” – Udo Steingraeber

The story of Steingraeber & Sӧhne begins in the 1820s in Thuringia.
Eduard Steingraeber, from the second generation of the family, moved to Bayreuth in 1852 and it is here that he thought to combine the ‘Viennese’ and ‘English’ actions to produce his ‘Opus 1,’ a revolutionary masterpiece.
Steingraeber pianos have regularly been awarded international prizes since 1867, and in 1906, world-famous designers began to fashion piano cabinets for Steingraeber upright pianos and grand pianos.

Eduard Steingraeber

Today Steingraeber & Sӧhne is run by sixth generation family member Udo Schmidt-Steingraeber, and continues to go from strength to strength.
At the cutting-edge of new developments within the piano world, crafting world-class instruments, Steingraeber offer a choice of five grand piano models, including the Steingraeber 170, their salon grand piano that has won “Best in its Class” many times, and three Steingraeber upright piano models, such as the stunning 130 T-PS ‘Twist & Change’ upright piano.
Steingraeber offers a blend of strong family tradition and modern construction techniques.

Steingraeber & Sohne
We are proud to be a leading supplier of legendary Steingraeber & Sӧhne pianos.
We would love you to come and see and hear for yourself the unique qualities of these instruments at our showrooms  as you consider buying a Steingraeber upright or grand piano.
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